What To Expect

Being apart of EBrands House of Beauty will not guaranteed you the skill of being an hairstylist, barber, nail tech or make up artist. EBrand makes sure you become a professional in your own self beauty. Maintaining or even creating a perfect look a client or even yourself.

Being apart of career day in Elementary Schools confirmed it was my destiny to teach all across the nation.

Career Day

For a long time, it was my grandmother and I, then my husband and I, then my mom and I, my son and I share a bond that can never be broken. Now I did not say my baby boy lol. I dated a few of them, and came to the realization that I would never want to teach my son to value his mother in a way he could not value himself. Just like I have become teachable to the young ladies in the beauty industry, I have gained enough influence to teach my son the difference in Loving his mother, loving himself to love his wife. (That is in the far future of course lol). 

I talk about my life in a short script to add value to the beauty of my name. How it took decades to live up to its meaning. I stand apologetic behind the chair and now behind the mic, to share imaginable aspirations of my own and how I achieved them just by learning myself and becoming who God created me to be. God created me in his image, and I strive to not only walk like him but to speak of the various journeys I took and hurtles I tumbled over, got back up and finished to the end. 

Coaching little beauties has become a mantle that nobody can take from me. Sort of like having power over the Joy you never allow people to take. I strive to talk more about how to hold scissors and how to properly care for your body after a 12-hour day at the salon. I live to guide little beauties through the battle with clients, and how to financially manage those dry seasons throughout the year. Most of all, I cherish the vocal ability I hold singing the gospel of Jesus Christ and the mic I pass down to seeds I sowed into.

My next story creates a platform for up-and-coming beauties to learn the how-to and create their own blueprint for their own success in beauty. I gracefully carry a certified belt in the field of beauty, I sing with the mic of worship, I travel the journeys of life for women across the nation but most of all, for 7 years I humbly own the rights to motherhood and a future he can walk into called prosperity.


Beauty is Me and I love the life and story of me.